Is Hemp CBD pyschoactive?

Hemp vs. Marijuana:  Both are in the Cannabis family BUT one has a higher THC (marijuana) level than the other (industrial hemp). The hemp plant has a very small trace of THC, but it is not psychoactive like marijuana is.

What are Cannabinoids?


Is Hemp legal in Texas?

Yes, it is legal to sell and use. To produce Hemp you must obtain a Producers License, register a Facility, and a Lot Permit for the variety you want to grow. Press Play below to listen to Philip answer with more detail.

Do I need a license to sell Hemp Flower?

Currently CBD retailers can continue to sell Hemp Flower. The Texas Department of State Health Services has been tasked with regulating and permitting in this arena.

Why Hemp?  

Hemp has thousands of uses and is mainly valuable for its seed (oil & protein) stalk (rope & clothing) and flower (CBD).

How do I get a permit to grow hemp?

You can obtain a permit to grow through an ONLINE application only.

Can I buy hemp in Texas?

Yes! Stores in Texas can sell everything from hemp clothes to CBD flower/oil.

What fees are associated with growing hemp?

There is a one-time application fee, renewal fee, facility fee(s) and lot fee(s), sample fee, testing fee and transportation fees.